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You are more than you were. You can start over anytime. Like Today.

You can change your thoughts and your behavior and become a happier person. For many, it is easy to get caught up in the same rut and forget about appreciating the little things that happen every day in life. Negative thoughts that revolve around stress, anxiety and the puzzle of life can easily become a great burden to bear. Give yourself time each day to stop and train your mind to think in a new way.

Your limitation — it's only your imagination.

Take a break to do something that makes you happy, whether it's listening to your favorite song, watching some fun clips, reading an inspirational article or having coffee with your colleagues


I offer you inspiration that makes you and your surroundings feel a little better, both directly and in the long run.

I share my thoughts and some simple tools so that you too can find the path to joy in life.

You will find recorded films in both Swedish and Finnish.

On youtube you will find more movies!

Inspiration book with exercises & tools
Inspirationsboken- Jaana Suorsa.png

In this book you will find tools and exercises that have been supportive of finding joy and love in me. This book is for you who have decided that you want to feel good and want to take conscious steps and responsibility for your own well-being.

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Tässä kirjassa esittelen sinulle harjoituksia, jotka ovat tukeneet minua löytämään ilon ja rakkauden itsessäni. Tämä kirja on sinulle, joka on päättänyt että haluat voida hyvin. Sinulle, joka haluat ottaa askeleen eteenpäin ja ottaa vastuuta omasta onnestasi ja hyvinnoinnistasi.

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Inspiratiokirja-Jaana Suorsa
Inspirational interviews
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