Get inspired, with me

Only you can bring about a change in yourself. We become blind to ourselves, to our thoughts and behavior. We may need the support of an outsider in the form of inspiring love and presence.


Have you started or been already for a while on a conscious path within and within yourself? Do you feel "stuck" at the moment? Do not know what to do?


Do you want to be inspired by yourself through me as your mirror? Do you want help focusing on the possibilities in yourself and your life? Do you want to find joy in yourself?

Since I myself live from the point of view that The Work has given me, my conversations are characterized by this. As a basis and support in coaching, I also use methods from Hypnosynthesis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and from The Voice for Love.

Personal development in a group is rewarding, strengthening and above all fun. Does the staff group need reinforcement in dealing with stress, the current situation or the impending change? Do you want to invite me to your group and talk about the joy of life? Do you and your group want inspiring guidance to strengthen the focus on the positive?

Now is a good time to invest in well-being.

Packages for your well-being


Are you a beginner in meditating or have you meditated a little now and then, but never gotten into a natural habit of it? In order for us to feel better, create mental and psychological resilience to stressful situations, it is important to meditate regularly. Meditation reduces the stress center of the brain and by activating calming hormones, meditation strengthens the brain's resilience. We simply feel so much better when we meditate every day.

You get to try different ways to meditate with me during the 6 times and meditation school ends with you and I meditating together.

The package contains:
6 different meditations / sections (every 20-30 min)

Theory of meditation is included in each section

1 live guided meditation according to individual request, 30 min



How do you create and run a company from an energy perspective and a higher awareness of what life and entrepreneurship are all about. Your and your company's success is affected by your energies, what you believe in and what you talk about. Becoming aware of one's own behavior, thought patterns and habits is important for a change for the better, for success. It's easier than you think, but for most people, a little guidance is needed in the right direction, to get the ball of success rolling.

The package contains:

5 episodes (every 20-30 minutes)
- Customers
- Charge

- You are live advertising for your company

- Act based on inspiration, release negative thoughts, expectations, beliefs about entrepreneurship.

40 min / week individual coaching on entrepreneurship

Email contact, email support during the 5 weeks.



In order for you to be able to strengthen your self-esteem, self-worth, self-awareness, self-love and release the negative you carry with you, you need to know what methods and exercises there are and get an opportunity to test these in peace and quiet. Once you have received a review of the various strengthening tools for your mental and mental health, you can, if necessary, pick out and use what suits you best at the time.

The package contains:

7 episodes (every 20-30 minutes)

Create your future the way you want it

- EFT tapping
- Meditation

- Forgiveness process

- Writing exercises for well-being

- The affirmations as support

- Issues; How do I know if it's right / good for me?

30 min x 3 individual coaching (every other week)

Email contact, email support during the 6 weeks.


Inspiration for happier life

Book a lecture on passion and the spark that drives us forward in ourselves and life, that makes us wake up in the mornings with a smile on our face.

Happy Retreat Live

Join me for shorter sessions on meditation, life, EFT etc. Create a new habit by training your inner strengths.

Only 20 -30 minutes at a time,


Workshop & Pod

Come and experience with us how easy it really is to feel better, both in your body and mind. There are no limits to how good we can be, how good we can feel. We share the tools that have helped us.

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