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Alternative funeral ceremony 

I believe that our loved ones are always with us.

After a death, even though the physical body is no longer here, we still have their soul in us and memories of the moments that made them unique to us.

Love never disappears despite the passage of time and those of us who have lost someone we truly love will realize that our love for them is as real as it was when they were physically here, therefore my funeral ceremony pays special attention to the family and friends who highly loved the loved ones who have passed away.

Let us celebrate the life we have experienced and shared together with those who have just left this physical life. 

Angel staty

A civil funeral ceremony means an opportunity to create a personal farewell.
You can design the ceremony exactly as you wish, or as the loved one would have liked.

I offer you help to honor the loved one who has passed away. We can plan together according to your or the deceased's wishes. The ceremony can be arranged outdoors or a room of your choice.

There are no requirements or rules regarding the design of a civil funeral ceremony. 
A ceremony can look different, maybe you want the ceremony to revolve around a certain theme, such as the deceased's passion or view of life, nature, the deceased's interests or some significant place.

I offer my services as a civil officiant: 

- Alternative funeral / ceremony

- Planning and management of the ceremony
- A ceremony with presence and love
- A ceremony with respect and consideration
- A beautiful and meaningful moment

- Not ecclesiastical

- Non-religious

- In Swedish, Finnish or English

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop." /Rumin

Spooky Forest

My bird was exhausted, a small, wet arrow bird. The hard air rushed through it, and the stone beneath it was cold and hard.

With closed eyes it lay, a bloody wound at the base of the beak.

Hope and life's dreams had left it.

Tired, it wanted to hide - die, throw away the summer days.

The darkness wrapped it in its thorny arms and carried it towards the last brook - but then came - the red embrace of the morning sun.

- A poem by my mother Tuula

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