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My art

Creating and painting is relatively new for me, or rather a new way of expressing myself and my soul. Each creation is unique to me and represents unique feelings, states and being in the very moment I create.

I thought for many years that I was not creative, but when I started to allow it to flow through me, I always saw something beautiful being created before my eyes.

The expression "art from the heart" became real for me, because we cannot create from the mind, the mind, but we create by letting go of the target image, control, comparison, time, fear of criticism, etc.

So every expression (artwork) I have created means a lot to me in the form of confirmation of a high energy, flow, love and trust in life.

I don't create for the sake of creating, I let life show the beautiful through me. The most fun is to use and mix everything possible in creation, whether it is clay, paint, resin, fiberglass, acrylic, watercolor or wax. It is as if the different components of life are allowed to react and communicate with each other and create what they create together.

May my expression please you as it pleases me! ​


If you are interested in buying my art, you can contact me HERE.

Interested in my art? I send within Sweden and collection can also be picked up within the Sthlm area. Contact me!

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon.

Köp konst
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