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About me

I hold courses, workshops and lectures in everything that has to do with life: thoughts, release negativity, live in joy, feel better in every way, go through changes, create what you dream of, become more true to yourself , live more present etc. Yes, everything that is included in the package that we call LIFE, relationships, money, health, the body, illness, sex, friends, jobs. A large part of my time is spent supervising staff groups and individual coaching. I also speak Finnish and English.


My background

I began my inner journey, towards greater awareness and personal development when I was 30. It all started when I escaped from a violent relationship in Finland. Like many others, trauma in the form of horrible experiences can be the catalyst for inner healing and spiritual journey.

It took several years to get to know myself, heal my inner self and free myself from the old with the help of coaches, courses, books, meditation, friends and partners. Today, over 20 years later, I have created a passion and profession of personal development.


Over three years ago, my wonderful friend Harnet and I created the Effortlessliving podcast of our passionate conversations about life and ourselves, it gives us so much inspiration and joy. You can find all our podcasts here or on soundcloud via the link.

Before my current passion, I worked as an occupational therapist for 20 years, as well as a masseur and healer for 10 years and as a school counselor for a few years. I really loved what I did and these years gave me valuable experiences for my role and passion today.


I can also call myself an author because I have published a book! Only good- only the best, is the name of the book, and several books are waiting to be published. It was an unexpected step for me to write a book. As such, I love to write, but I had no idea that there would be more books. Of course, the process again gave me many insights, about myself.

I love my life with my partner. Exploring myself in my relationships, in my everyday life and my assignments. I give myself a lot of time for meditation (every day), appreciation and to create quirky, beautiful art from different materials. I wonder how life can be better than this? And life always responds to me with new ideas and new experiences. Because of my experiences so far, I know that my place in life and the universe is to inspire, support, guide and delight others with their inner journey and personal development.

I want to show you your inner strength and reveal your wonderful genuine you!

Welcome to my services.

My highest intention is to improve and raise the quality of your life.

blowing konfetti

Happy Retreat Inspiration

You will find me as one of the Happy Retreat Inspirers. Happy Retreat Live offers inspiration in well-being, wherever you are, with 20 minutes of live health inspirations and now also with PLAY. Happy Retreats is based on spreading experts 'knowledge and inspirers' motivation. Experts and inspirers who contribute to well-being with joy and energy.

Choose what you want, watch, listen and be inspired. Come along!

Bok Bara det bästa

My book - Only the Best

My book is out now. It is based on the basic idea: You become and create what you think of. The experiences gathered in the book are taken from the lives of me, friends, family and clients. I start from living life by taking responsibility for how life has looked so far and looks today.
Although some thoughts may be perceived as brutal, I want to convey love and consideration with my words, tips, advice, exercises and messages.


You can find the book at: Storytel, Bokon, Ordochbok, Adlibris, Nextory

Effortless Living

Together with my good friend Harnet, we organize workshops within the law of attraction and you can also listen to our Effortlessliving podcast about our thoughts and conversations about life and much more. Come and experience with us how easy it really is to feel better, both in your body and mind. There are no limits to how good we can be, how good we can feel.

We share the tools that have helped us. Listen to us!

Glad tjej
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