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Effortless Living

The art of creating your dream life. You can feel good today!

And the only thing you need to do is change your focus, what you think of!

Come and experience with us how easy it really is to feel better, both in your body and mind. There are no limits to how good we can be, how good we can feel.

We share the tools that have helped us. Discover more!


Workshops & Podcasts

Life is easier than we make it out to be, we are here to show you how to reach your highest potential without struggle or effort:


- Why do you not get what you want?

- Why do you have to work so hard?

- Why are you stuck and not moving on?

- If you'll ever be there?

- If it's just about luck? Why are they lucky?

- If you can feel better?

- How can you change?

- Why does nothing work for you? If what you want is even possible?

- If you are too fat, too old, too young, too stupid, too poor to get what you want?

- Why is life a struggle?

- Why is there not enough time, money, love, clients, health, etc.?

- If you are smart enough, competent enough, attractive, social, etc.?


Everyone has struggled with these issues at some point in their lives to varying degrees. We share our experience, tools and strategies for the most important journey everyone makes, namely the journey inwards.

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We talk about life in our Effortlessliving podcast!

Listen to our podcasts where we talk about different topics in life and how we with the help of the law of attraction create our lives and feel good. Listen directly to the latest topic on this page!

With these conversations, we want to share what we live by and how we look at everything we encounter in life. We feel good and we want you to feel good too! You will find us on most pod platforms, search for Effortlessliving!

Bro över en sjö

what people say

"I just want to thank you for all that you and your podcast have done for me this fall and winter. I've had a hectic time and to centralize myself in this time, I've listened to your podcast when I've been walking or riding. It has been worth its weight in gold !! Your conversations have guided me to so many clarities that will / have changed / t my life for the better. I am so grateful that I have opened my eyes to the law of attraction as it is now an obvious part of my everyday life.This Christmas I had the mission to spread your podcast to my close friends / family who I know will be inspired by your words.I saw it a bit like a Christmas present to them when I tipped them about it and everyone has loved it! Your podcast is the best gift I gave myself in 2018 and I look forward to many hours with you in the headphones in 2019 as well. Hope to be able to take me up to Stockholm for one of your workshops someday !! " Take care!! Hug Emilia "️

"Hello, First of all, thank you for your fantastic podcast that has lately become my favorite! I have been trying for quite some time to understand how LOA works. So how can I practically use it in my life. In the past, it felt like I was trying to fool myself into the right mood but now, with some of the tools I found through you, I begin to feel that it works. At first I did not even understand what was happening ... But then one day it hit me that the mood, the goals and my focus had shifted. So grateful !! For me, this is so great and has helped me see things that previously felt difficult in a completely different way. And again, thank you! It's great to hear your tips and trix. Have a soft day / Johanna "

"Hi! Just want to thank you for a great podcast!
I have known about the law of attraction since the book Secret came out, but could not take the message to heart then. Measured very badly in large parts of my life, but have recently done a complete reversal a lot with the help of your pod! My friends barely recognize the new positive Marie. I now understand how much my thoughts have affected much of my life. It's so clear now. The universe sometimes takes strange paths. Expect nothing, this year releases the Universe to decide if he is the one

or not;) Thank you thank you for being there !!! Best podcast️.
Sunny greetings, Marie "

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