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Everyone can channel - part 1

You receive signals from life, your higher self, angels, spirits, energies, deceased loved ones all the time. You have access to what you give space and space for in your mind and life. The more present you are in the present, the more open you are to receive guidance and information given to you. Join me for the next three episodes on the journey towards openness and receptivity. You are already channeling, although you may not always be aware of it.

EFT tapping - For better sleep

Do you want to sleep better? Do you sleep restlessly and superficially? Do you want to wake up rested? Do you dream nightmares? EFT tapping is a fantastic tool for accepting what your sleep looks like today, which makes for a better quality of sleep.

Meditation - Your future self

Meet your future wise, loving and radiant "I" for guidance, support and encouragement.

EFT bottling - What if everything is as it should be?

You raise your energy by changing your thoughts from negative to "rethink", positive thoughts. EFT / tapping is a good tool to start refocusing your thoughts. Stay tuned!

Tips for the viewer: Quiet space, comfortable chair, switched off mobile.

Let go of what has been

Let go of the old that has been, regardless of whether it was something that happened 5 years ago or 5 hours ago. EFT / tapping is a good tool for freeing yourself from everything that weighs on you. Stay tuned!

Take care

Om du skulle uppskatta varje sak, egenskap, egenhet, situation och känsla i varje stund, skulle du inte hinna prata och tänka på något annat. Tänk hur bra du skulle må, även om du skulle göra det bara en gång per dag? Meditera med mig och njut av känslan av uppskattning.

See your thought patterns

Tankens kraft är stark, likaså din intention. Här får vi med Jaanas hjälp möjlighet att se våra egna tankemönster, hur vi kan skapa nya och tips på hur vi kan tydliggöra vår intention och på så sätt förstärka att vi uppnår det vi önskar.

EFT tapping; Relationships

Möt det som händer i dina relationer med dina nära och kära. När vi nu är instängda med dom vi älskar och som även får oss att bli irriterade, stressade. Ett bra verktyg till dig att lugna ner dig och ditt nervsystem när relationen stressar dig.

Everyone can channel - part 2

The more present you are, the more open you are to channeling the wisdom, guidance, and information that you receive. Meditation helps you to practice presence and it strengthens your confidence to hear, see and perceive messages you receive. You get an exercise to do during the week.

EFT tapping - Sleep better

Tapping is simple, easy to both use and learn, and can be done wherever you are. A few minutes are enough. The method is a kind of psychological acupressure and helps you to create balance and release the resistance to what is happening, what is and is happening, by tapping, dropping at different points on the body. You can never go wrong if your intention and will is to feel good right now, in the midst of strong emotional reactions. EFT tapping as it is also called, gives a feeling of relief whether we are in the middle of anger, sadness, stress, physical or inner pain, fear. EFT tapping creates a balance and gives distance to what you are feeling right now and frees you from your own thought and emotion reactions, you break your own behavioral patterns.

EFT tapping - Strengthen self-esteem

Do you need to strengthen your self-esteem? Do you want to feel ok and stop the negative thoughts about yourself? Participate in my moment with EFT / tapping to meet the thoughts that are trying to devalue you.

Meditation - Great gratitude

Fill yourself with gratitude for everyone who has been a part of your life, no matter how short meetings have been, and raise your and your collective energy. Meditate with me and give yourself a moment of well-being.

Meet your inner guide

You always get guidance from your inner counselor. Continuous meditation makes you open and receptive to receiving guidance. Meditate with me for a short while and meet your own guide.

Where do you put your energy

Hur ser din vardag ut. Hur prioriterar du? Finns det annat som hela tiden tar över, när du strävar efter att förverkliga din dröm? Under dessa 20 minuter handleder Jaana oss i att kartläggga vår energi och synliggöra vår energitjuvar.

Strengthening Meditation

Meditation som stärker kroppen. Hur kroppen mår påverkas av våra tankar. Låt oss glädjas av vår kropp och vad den gör för oss.

Everyone can channel - part 3

Move from head to heart, from preoccupation to presence and a kind of "emptiness" in the mind. Release doubt and the strong will to help and channel. Have a relaxed mind and a balanced heart to create space for a cleaner channel. You get an exercise to take with you on your way to being a conscious channel for a higher wisdom and intelligence.

Meditation - A better start to the day

To pave the way for a calm and balanced day, you can be one step ahead and set an intention for your day to be as good as possible. Test yourself, you can only feel better by meditating.

Meditation - Positive Boost

All thoughts are affirmations, both negative and positive. Boost your day with supportive, uplifting and joyful affirmations in the form of a short meditation. Tips for the viewer: Quiet space, comfortable chair, switched off mobile.

EFT tapping - When you are stressed

You may be stressed by having too much to do or too little to do. Stress is a lack of your inner peace. EFT / tapping helps you to create relief from all kinds of stress.

Appreciation Party - Meditation

If you were to appreciate every thing, property, peculiarity, situation and feeling in every moment, you would not have time to talk and think of anything else. Think how good you would feel, even if you only did it once a day? Meditate with me and enjoy the feeling of appreciation.

Your daily context

Ditt dagliga sammanhang · med Jaana Suorsa Det sägs att vi formas av de fem personer vi umgås med mest och att miljö är viktigare än arv. Hur ser ditt sammanhang ut och vad i det är det som bidrar till det du vill.

Meditation; Meet your thoughts

Följa mig i en meditation som hjälper dig att möta dina tankar, särskilt dom som känns mindre bra. Tips till tittaren/rekommenderad utrustning: Lugnt utrymme, bekväm stol, avstängd mobil.

Coach Jaana

Happy Reterat Live

Here you will find some recorded broadcasts with different themes in Swedish. I tell, meditate with you and give you tools so that you can also create a life that you enjoy. These recordings are approx. 20 min long.

Create a new habit and listen to a recording every day! 

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