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Future, past or NOW?

Have you noticed anything new in you, in people around you, in society or in your loved ones? I mean a new way of thinking, living and being? We feel this as a longing for something meaningful and rewarding. Thanks to the epidemic, many people "wake up" wanting to live life the way they choose, not based on any pattern or old way of living. There are many who quit their jobs, which they chose for other reasons (ego, memory) than because it seemed fun or inspiring. There are many who work less hours in order to have more time for themselves, take care of themselves both body and soul. People express their feelings in a more open way, the conversations are deeper and for us more meaningful.

We are landing in a new consciousness, in ourselves and in the collective. An awareness that is NOW, where all the answers are, where the inspiration is, where the joy is, where everything we value is.

This means that we follow the voice of the heart, our intuition, inner guidance instead of the norms of society, the expectations of the family and instead of all the should's and must's that have held us back in the past.

We are here to create on many levels and express what and who we are, not what we learned to be. In every moment we have the opportunity to be and show the highest version of ourselves and it only happens when we are present in ourselves and in relation to our surroundings.

When you notice that you are drawn to complaining, criticizing, judging or comparing, it does not feel as good as it might have done before. Back then it was a routine, a habit that started by itself. Now you want to invest your time, every second of your life, in being your true self, who you really are. Because you are not the negative, worrying, stressful, annoyed, criticizing person. All those patterns takes the presence away from you, now you know it and feel it. Now you can consciously return to the present, to what is, to appreciate what you have and what you are, to feel gratitude and love instead of anger, worry or frustration.

I do not think we are meant to be in the present all the time, but maybe more and more until we are present most of the time. As a result, we begin to feel more emotions, feel more scents, tastes, appreciate touch and we see more details around us than ever. We slow down our outer and inner speed, we feel more calm, we feel more joy and appreciation. In the presence we find the laughter, solutions, the answers, ideas, inventions, art and creation and above all: love.

Imagine when you feel love towards yourself, the personality that is a part of you, appreciation for the history that created you, for friendship, kindness, development, all the senses, your dreams, the body, nature and the animals. In the present, life is so much easier than we have lived our lives before. We become more forgiving towards ourselves when we forget to be present or go when we slip into an old habit and behavior.

You can stop asking what the meaning of your life is, what is the purpose of you or what are you here to do. When you are in the present, in the now, you have the answers to all questions and feel satisfied with everything in you and your life.

Meditation and all kinds of mindfulness exercises and of course your own intention takes you to the present moment. Be determined and focused. You just can't do it - you are it.

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