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Spiritual and mental support in the end of life - before death

Do you wonder what happens when you die and after death? I also wonder and do not know what happens after, but I know that we can feel inner peace and calm even in the face of an unknown future that a death creates.
How do you handle your emotions in such a situation?

It is often a despairing message when a you or someone close to us learns that their life is about to end. It can be difficult to accept, and fear can make us unable to talk about it, and it is not uncommon to feel unfairness and lonely.

I offer you support at the end of life and I also offer support for you as a relative. 

I speak Swedish, Finnish and English.

I offer my services mainly in the Stockholm area, but you can also get the same support digitally if needed.

Forest Road

Have you received a fatal diagnosis?
Are you facing death?

Illness and pain can create feelings of hopelessness and anxiety. When the body is in pain and there is nothing to do, one can be filled with depression, get a feeling of loneliness, lack of inner peace and experience a difficult period of dealing with the pain, the symptoms. You who are ill may not want to burden your loved ones with your anxiety, feelings and thoughts.  

Are you in the final stages of life and feeling alone in this vulnerable situation even if you have loved ones around you? Do you want to talk to someone other than the family about the fear of death because they have enough to deal with their own grief and impending loss? 
If you feel anxiety, fear, panic, stress, hopelessness or anxiety about death, it is important that you can bring up and talk about these feelings and thoughts with someone. Sometimes we need support in letting go and giving ourselves a sense of relief, the freedom to move on. 

I am here for you if you want to lighten your heart or talk about what you think happens after the physical body has given up. Or you may want to talk about forgiveness, feel and calm. 
Let me hold you, hold your hand, sit with you and let me listen in a deep presence or just sit with you in a loving silence. It can be relieving to get help from an outsider who with his presence, love and care supports you at the end of life to find inner peace and reduces the fear of death.

"I'm not this hair, I'm not this skin,
I'm the soul that lives under this garb. "/ Rumi

Forest Road

Is your loved one facing death?

Many times it can be difficult for you as a relative to give your support as you yourself are going through a process of loss and grief. You may be filled up with your own strong feelings and all the practicalities.

Do you feel lost, powerless and vulnerable to the coming loss and departure?

Do you need guidance in dealing with everything that comes up in you before a death?

Fear, worry, anger, sadness are just some of the feelings we are filled with in the face of the loss of someone we love. These feelings and thoughts are important to be able to handle and meet up, but it can be hard to do it alone and by yourself.

I am here to support you in and with this. Do you need strength and power to face the difficult, the painful and get help in dealing with the unmanageable?

Let me be your safe and calm harbor where you can embrace that what hurts and feels hard. There is space to deal with everything that surfaces. This will give you a peace of mind and heart and it gives you a feeling of freedom from guilt.

Together we can sit beside your loved one who is in the final stages of his/her life and we will together create a moment of inner peace and tranquility.


If you want support for a family (relative) in a group, I am there for you.

"It is your way, and yours alone. Others can walk by your side, but no one can walk it for you." / Rumi

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