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Do you see abundance?

For many, abundance is about the material, such as money, housing, clothes, jewelry, technology, cars, restaurant visits, treatments and more. We are talking about an abundance that is not just about these things, because it is more about accumulating, accumulating everything possible out of a desire for ownership, a lack of self-esteem, to increase self-esteem, etc. and for many it is about collecting for the sake of collecting. This can bring joy for a short while and is always related to others in some way. We talk about abundance which is about sharing with others because abundance is so much more, it is something within us and everything we see outside ourselves such as in nature. It can be about sharing care, love, presence, thoughts, insights, time, laughter, presence, meaningful conversations etc.

There is a difference between things, things and experiences, because what we experience remains in us as insight and feeling, something that develops us.

Those who live with an inner sense of abundance have rewarding relationships, they enjoy the relationships and realize the value of these. Sense of abundance attracts more abundance.

We usually have a feeling that we do not have enough, for example money. This feeling and conviction will create more feelings and experiences that you do not have enough. If you do not see abundance in your life, there can be no abundance. You can use basic and simple experiences of abundance in your life, such as air to breathe, flowers, water to drink, leaves in the trees, food in the closet, clothes in the closet, friends, laughter, ideas, hugs, trees in the woods, buses that drives us, cars for everyone etc.

Abundance is not beyond ourselves. When we can feel it genuinely in us, we stop focusing on money, stuff, that we lack something, that we need something, that we must have something and in that way we create abundance even outside ourselves. Finding abundance in you, in your life is created by gratitude and appreciation and takes you to the present. The more you see abundance the more you see it and the more you see it the more you get it. It's not something you have to have or need. You lack nothing, there is no lack or lack of anything.

Try to think, say and behave as if you had time in abundance, talk about it, tell about it and take it as a natural abundance that you already have. Feel it genuinely, that it's true for you. After a week (if you have only stayed in a positive direction) you will feel that you really have plenty of time.

Anxiety and fear never give a positive result. An unhappy life (day, hour, thought) rarely ends in something positive. We complicate everything by being afraid that there is not enough. Do you think that you are lacking in something, it tells you more that you are in the mind (ego) than in the heart and that you do not have confidence in life. You get just as much as you believe in (not what you want). Many times we believe that we are not happy if we do not have what we think we want, and once we get it, happiness and joy do not last long because this will comes from the ego. Desires and the desire to have something with a positive and happy (calm) feeling come from the heart. Then it does not matter if we get it or when we get what we want.

You can change your thoughts and feelings about abundance. Be sure to find it, see it and experience it within you, in your life and around you. How much during the day do you think more about lack (of friends, time, sleep, money, travel) than about everything you have, everything you have experienced, all the creative ideas you get?

You do not attract anything you are not.

Do you want to learn how to like yourself more and have an even better life?

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It's a good day to have a nice day!

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