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Have courage to end things and move on

Thanks and good bye! Thanks to all of you listeners who have been with us during these years of chatter and laughter. Thank you for all your contributions, questions, thoughts, feedback and "roses". We love what we do and we do what we love. Now is the time for us to move on and see what opportunities arise when we create space in our lives.

We pause our podcast Effortlessliving for a while or forever. We do not know yet. But right now it feels like that and we are in agreement in our choice and decision. So exciting to see what happens! We may hear us in the future or not. Anyway, we fell good! With this last podcast episode, we want to inspire you to look in your life if there is something you are moving towards.

Whatever the case, we are here to develop,transform and sometimes it can mean that we must move on, from a job, friendship, relationship, home, country, lifestyle etc. Just be sure that you do this with the feeling that you are not leaving anything, that you have to leave something, flee or go with negative feelings. If we do so, life will give us a new chance to face what we did not want to face before. If we go towards something, we are up on the emotional scale, feeling good and feeling satisfied with what and where we are right now. If we move away from something with negative thoughts, we are further down the emotional scale and create experiences based on that. We do not move on because something is wrong, unfair, bad, less good or difficult, but we move on because it feels right to do so. It feels good in us. You never need an excuse to move on, you never need to explain to someone else (or yourself) or justify your choices (and emotions that are the basis of your decisions). It's like when you were at school, moving on from grade 4 to 5 felt right and you were done with grade 4. We don't move on with anger, fear, stress or anxiety, we go to grade five with full of anticipation and excitement.

If you feel ready to move on and the thought create easiness in you, just do it, with whatever it's about. Everything has its time. We are so used to not listening our intuition or guidance and override it with our logic, thoughts and mind. We persuade ourselves to stay at work because there are benefits, in the relationship (it is not so bad), in friendship (we have known each other for so long).

Going forward never means that what we are in right now is wrong or bad. It is as it is and we want to move on to something new. We make room for something new to happen and be created in our lives. The best thing is to move on when things are going well, when we are at the top.

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