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What does your dream life look like?


Do you want to be inspired and move on in your life, in your job,

in yourself and your relationships?

Do you want to experience the joy of living?

I support you where you are.

Book a coaching session for 1-2 hours or take part in various packages that I offer.


Do you want to give you and your employees an experience of inspiration, joy, focus in the here and now, relaxation, meditation and strengthen them as people.

Company: book a half- or full-day workshop and talk.


Coach Jaana

Inspirer | Educators | Supervisor | Author | Podcasters

I am your personal trainer, coach in creating a life where you feel best.

I also offer inspiration, encouragement, support in change for companies and staff.

Do you want support in feeling better, moving forward in your life, reaching your goals, having more energy and using your full potential?


I also support you with:

stage fright

- ramp fever

- fear of standing in front of a video camera / being filmed


Do you want to start meditating or become "better" at meditating? Meditate with me individually or in a group.

Meditation and relaxation for companies and individuals.

Programs & Tools

Live life the way you want

Joy of life, joy of work & inspiration

Book a lecture on passion and the spark that drives us forward in ourselves and life, that makes us wake up in the mornings with a smile on our face. How come some are happier than others?
How can I influence how I feel?


The Law of Attraction - how do I create my life, my future and what I want to be. A course on how you and we all create our reality by becoming aware of our thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors. The course contributes to an increased understanding of your participation in creation through practical tools and exercises.

You are the director of your life.

The Law of Attraction

Individual coaching

Fill your toolbox with several methods, strategies, tools for more effective personal development. I offer custom coaching. Choose a "package" that suits you today: strengthen your self-esteem, turn the negative into the positive, meditation package, lose weight without diet, from single to happy, to follow my dream etc.

Joy of life

Courses & Workshops

Do you need more inspiration at work? Or are you a group that wants to take a course in meditation? I offer lots of uplifting courses, lectures and workshops. Book now for companies, associations, staff or other types of groups. Now is a good time to invest in well-being.

Break patterns

Create new habits

We all have patterns of thought or behavior that prevent us from moving on in life, developing, feeling good and feeling free. Many times it is easier to leave old, destructive habits with the help of a coach. You will learn several effective methods to use to help break the negative patterns that are holding you back.

Programs & Tools

Bok Bara det bästa

My book - Only Good

My book is out now. It is based on the basic idea: You become and create what you think of. The experiences gathered in the book are taken from my, friends ', family's and clients' lives. I start from living life by taking responsibility for how life has looked so far and looks today.
Although some thoughts may be perceived as brutal, I want to convey love and consideration with my words, tips, advice, exercises and messages.


You can find the book at: Storytel, Bokon, Ordochbok, Adlibris, Nextory

Effortless living.jpg

Effortless living workshop

Courses and lectures in the Law of Attraction

Come and learn how to create a life that you want with the help of the law of attraction with us. Our workshops are for you who are ready to move on in yourself and your life. We can all create what we feel good about. You know that there is no limit to how good you can feel or how good you can feel.

We have practical exercises. You are welcome to bring up something that is important to you, it may be something you are stuck in, you may have difficulty making a decision or there is something / someone in your life that arouses strong feelings in you.

Welcome to raise your energy and have fun with us!


Happy Retreat Live Broadcasts

I'm one of the Happy Retreat Inspirers. Happy Retreat Live offers inspiration in well-being, wherever you are, with 20 minutes of live health inspirations and now also with PLAY. Happy Retreats is based on spreading experts 'knowledge and inspirers' motivation. Experts and inspirers who contribute to well-being with joy and energy. Choose what you want, watch, listen and be inspired!

You can find all shipments here


Contact me to find your way to a happier life

Tel. 0707- 88 98 05

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life

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